April 16, 2020 (Cox’s Creek, KY) by Don Thrasher

During World War 2 it was the “Patriotic Duty of Americans” to raise chickens.  It was suggested each family had 2 or 3 chickens to provide for their family.  Mind you the government didn’t mandate it or force you to own chickens.  But if people wanted a guaranteed supply of eggs they would have to raise their own chickens.

Americans have become so far removed from self sufficiency that now places like the City of Bardstown actually have made it illegal to own chickens.  A group led by Nick Kipper has tried for several years to get the City to allow a small amount of chickens, but the City Council has failed to act.

With shortages of food items, toilet paper etc., should we not be encouraged to become more self sufficient?  Also during World War 2 Americans were encouraged to grow their own gardens.

America is an amazing place that was built by self sufficient pioneers.  One can only imagine what the Founding Fathers would think if they could see how far we have gone off course in terms of self-responsibility and self-reliance.

Perhaps now enough people will sit up and take notice that if we want to remain a “Free Country”, that freedom has a price. People have been willing to work and die for that freedom.  Hopefully at some point the City of Bardstown will allow limited backyard chickens.  After all it use to be your “Patriotic Duty”.