March 15, 2019 (Cox’s Creek, KY) by Don Thrasher

In just his second term as Nelson County State Representative, this legislative session has alienated a number of local conservative voters against Chad McCoy. Let us take a look at what could have made so many, so mad, so quickly. The most controversial items that has caused such a quick shift against McCoy are he co-sponsored a bill to increase the gasoline tax by .10 cents a gallon, last week he voted against putting the motto In God We Trust into Kentucky public schools, he again is the main backer of a bill to eliminate the death penalty and Chad is the sponsor of the bill to criminalize grass clippings on the road. Chad wants to make grass clippings on the road a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail for the first offense.

Perhaps Chad doesn’t know that our jails are overcrowded because of the drug epidemic. Speaking of jails don’t forget Chad’s great accomplishment in the legislature last year, he was able to get a law passed that allows attorneys to carry a cell phone in to a jail even if the jail does not allow them. I’m sure Chad being an attorney himself had nothing to do with his push for this. To add insult to injury to us average people Chad voted for a bill that discriminates against voters in rural counties by excluding rural counties from being able to have electronic signatures on property tax recall petitions.

A number of people at the Nelson County Republican Lincoln Dinner last Friday probably wanted to discuss these horrendous bills and votes with Chad, however, he ditched the Republican dinner and instead flew to Berkley, California on his private jet.

The happy ending to this story despite Chad’s efforts the .10 cent gas hike is dead (for now), the grass clipping bill is dead in committee (for now), prosecutors still have the option in KY to seek the Death Penalty as a deterrent (for now) and In God We Trust will be in KY public schools despite Chad’s vote against it.

We are a representative Democracy (Republic), but that doesn’t mean the representative can ignore the values and ideals of the people he is supposed to represent. Chad please take note of this humble plea, most Nelson Countian’s can’t fly their own private jet to California and most can’t afford an extra .10 cents a gallon gas tax increase either.