December 17, 2019 (Bardstown, KY) by Don Thrasher

Today’s Nelson County Fiscal Court meeting was packed with Nelson County Sheriff Deputies to hear Sheriff Ramon Pineiroa plea on their behalf.  The plea was for additional compensation. The Nelson County Sheriff’s Department has been losing men to other departments, particularly Bardstown City Police.  One of the points that the Sheriff made is the big disparity in Health Insurance costs.  With Nelson County government workers paying a larger premium than Bardstown which self insures.

Nelson County under Dean Watts has failed to get bids on Health Insurance.  Which magistrates Gary Coulter and Keith Metcalfe brought up earlier this year and again today.  As back in the summer Watts again falsely stated that all Insurance Brokers fees are set by law.  Watts has steadfastly refused to get bids on the County Health Insurance plans, even though the Kentucky Model Procurement Law says that Insurance Contracts, including Health Insurance should be bid out.

At one point Watts became testy with the Sheriff then later with Metcalfe and Coulter for sticking to their positions that open bidding will save the County and its employees money.  Dean Watts continuing to ignore what the Kentucky Model Procurement Code states and his continued falsely stating that the brokers fees are set by law are not consistent with the actual law.  Sheriff Pineiroa and magistrates Metcalfe and Coulter deserve better than what was demonstrated by Watts today.  The Sheriff Deputies that put their lives on the line everyday certainly deserve the best deal for Health Insurance and not a plan that has not been properly bid out.