Pictured here are the Nelson County School Board Members Up For Re-Election In November, Damon Jackey, Rebeka Mcguire-Dye and Diane Berry

May 16, 2020 (Cox’s Creek, KY) by Don Thrasher

The vast majority of the taxes you pay on your Property Tax Bills are School Taxes.  But amazingly the School Board members are usually unopposed.  Nelson County has the 5th highest county school property tax in the state of Kentucky.  Wes Bradley the current Superintendent,  makes a good point that the SEEK funds from the state go down when our property values go up.  The only problem I see with this argument is when property taxes go up Nelson Countians pay more in taxes, which means more revenue for the district.

To be sure the SEEK funding issue is archaic and needs to be adjusted on the the state level.  But the spending at the district has some very high administrative costs compared to other county districts.

This November the majority of seats are up for election.  District 5 (Bloomfield, Chaplin) member is Damon Jackey, who also works for the KY Board of Education.  Some people view this as a potential conflict of interest.  Jackey has filed again for re-election.  Another long time board member who has filed for re-election is Diana (Diane) Berry in District 2. The District 3 member is currently Rebeka McGuire-Dye, who as of now has not filed for re-election.   

There was a lot of outrage recently over the approval by the board in a meeting that had no public attendance or input due to covid-19, in which it approved to start purchasing a $1.4 Million Dollar property behind Nelson County High School.

Nelson County UNITED PAC a conservative group that is creating a political action committee is seeking conservative candidates to be on the November ballot in those 3 districts of the county.  If successful in getting conservative candidates to win in this November’s elections, they would have the ability with 3 members to vote down any tax increases.

Only time will tell if Nelson County UNITED PAC will succeed.  As of now the PAC is in the formation stages and anticipates being able to fund raise and campaign in the next 3 months.  Nelson County UNITED PAC is a spin-off group of the Second Amendment Advocacy Group Nelson County UNITED.