Dustan McCoy is the Father of Dustan “CHAD” McCoy the State Rep for Nelson County.  While many people believe that Chad McCoy is the son of Challen McCoy this is simply not the case.  Dustan McCoy up until recently moving to Bardstown had never lived in Nelson County.  Dustan for 15 years was the Chairman of the Brunswick Corporation in Chicago.  Brunswick is the largest maker of Yachts for the Ultra-Rich.  Brunswick caters to the 1% of the wealthiest people in the United States.

Before moving to Bardstown for the first time spent most of his time in Chicago and Eastern Kentucky.  Make no mistake Dustan McCoy is an extremely successful attorney that clawed his way to be Chair of a Yacht Building Company for the Ultra Rich.

Now Dustan McCoy and his son are on a mission to spend whatever it takes to get Chad elected to higher political office.  Anyone that stands in their way can expect to be attacked because money is no object.

Chad and his Dad own multiple planes, boats and toys for the Ultra Rich.  So when Chad votes to raise the gas tax 10.5 cents a gallon, that kind of minimal hit on his pocket book has no effect.

Reportedly Dustan stated he will spend whatever it takes to get Chad re-elected.  Is this picture the “Real McCoy” Chad says he is? The real votes and real bills of Chad McCoy have shown they do not represent Nelson County.

Chad’s Record Speaks For Itself:

Voted against putting IN GOD WE TRUST in public schools

Tried to Double Vehicle Registration Fees

Tried to Raise The Gas Tax 10.5 cents per gallon

Tried to Eliminate The Death Penalty

Doubled County Clerk Filing Fees

Created Tax on Services Such as Auto Repair

Gave a $100 Million Dollar Tax break to Wealthy Banks

Raised Taxes on Small Business and the Lower Income

These are the REAL McCOY Values