THE KY RECORD has obtained shocking documents from the hush money scheme of disgraced former Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover and the subsequent lawsuit Hoover and 2 other KY State Reps filed contending the alleged sexual harassment victim breached the secret hush money agreement.  We also are providing the shocking details in the whistleblower lawsuit (Click Links At End of Article) brought against Hoover by former Republican Communications Director Daisy Olivo.

The disgraced Hoover stepped down as Speaker of the House but refuses citizen calls to resign from the KY House. Hoover has publicly admitted to inappropriate texting of a sexual nature to the young lady. Only time and Hoover’s trial will tell the rest. Current Speaker David Osborne and the rest of the KY House Republican Leadership have failed to publicly call on Hoover to do the dignified thing and resign.  Amazingly, scandal ridden Speaker Osborne has allowed Michael Meredeth (who also was part of the hush money scheme) to remain as chairman of the powerful Local Government Committee. Hoover’s text messages to the alleged victim will be the next thing to be released from this sordid affair that is sure to do further damage to the KY House Republican Leadership’s image.

Hopefully Speaker David Osborne, Speaker Pro-Tem David Meade, Chief of Staff David Floyd and House Majority Whip Chad McCoy will do the right thing and publicly ask  Meredeth and Hoover to resign. THE KY RECORD believes that the public has a right to access the Hoover Text messages and they will be published here when obtained.

Government Leaders should be transparent and honest, when they aren’t, THE KY RECORD will bring it to light and put it on the record, THE KY RECORD.

Link For Hoover Hush Money Secret Agreement and Lawsuit

Link For Olivo v. LRC-Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Hoover (LRC)