JULY 8, 2019 COX’S CREEK, KY – by Don Thrasher

According to the KY Budget for 2019-2020 around $211 Million is being siphoned (pun intended) from the Road Funds to pay for other things non-road related.  Over $336 Million in “Tax Expenditure Categories” including corporate welfare for Railroads totaling over $56 Million per year should be looked at being eliminated.

Not to mention that by some estimates over $100 Million is being overpaid to KY Highway Contractors because of “Tacit Collusion” among Highway Construction companies according to a UK Economics Research Study. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Procurement needs to be overhauled.  The KYTC has a policy that if their engineers who estimate a project’s cost before the bid is opened says if the bid is over 7% of the KYTC Engineers estimate it would be rejected.  Unfortunately the KYTC has not been adhering to this.

Corporate Welfare, Bid Rigging Potential, Road Funds being diverted to other non-road related areas needs to be addressed by the KY General Assembly first.  Any legislator that has taken money from the Highway Construction PAC should recuse themselves from voting or return the money.  The first interest of our legislators should be the people and not special interests.

A bill like this year’s HB517 which would have raised the Fuel Tax by 10.5 cents a gallon, double the Vehicle Registration Fees, create a new fee to be paid yearly at registration called the “Highway Preservation Fee” only throws more money from the hard working average taxpayer.  Budget cuts and reform before TAX HIKES should be the priority of the KY House and Senate.

Here is a copy of the Budget for 2019-2020 Full Budget KY

It is time the average person stops having to bear the brunt of corruption and overspending politicians.  The Nelson County Republican Party is active state wide on this issue visit the Republican Party of Nelson County’s Facebook Page at:NELSON GOP FACEBOOK PAGE and click LIKE for updates on our efforts and to find out how you can get involved.