January 28th, 2021 (Cox’s Creek, KY) by Don Thrasher

On January 6th, 2020 the day the Capitol was breached, Former Ryan Quarles Campaign Manager Tres Watson, who also was the Communications Director for the KY Republican Party accused the President of “blocking the military from protecting the US Capitol”.  Then going on to say on his Twitter account “He [Trump] is a traitor.”

Just last week Watson said the following in an interview with KY Public Radio: “the party won’t succeed if it doesn’t distance itself from white supremacists” Going on to say “I’ll be first in the line to make sure that the Republican party does not become a messianic cult of Trump”. 

Mr. Watson runs a one man Public Relations operation.  Capitol Reins PR seemingly is a social media trolling operation that puts out false narratives.  Watson is a known Mitch McConnell supporter and defender.  Putting out false narratives about Trump “blocking the military” and the Republican Party having ties to white supremacists may be all part of the McConnell long game to eradicate Trump and his supporters from the GOP.

Ryan Quarles with his former Campaign Manager Tres Watson