January 22, 2020 (Coxs Creek, KY) by Don Thrasher

Betty Pendergrass, Former Supporter of Republican Pete Trzop, suing Reed For Not Supporting Democrats

Today an Attorney who recently represented the Democratic Party of Kentucky filed suit against Nelson County Democratic State Rep. candidate David Reed.  The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Nelson County woman Betty Pendergrass.

Pendergrass has an interesting political background. In 2013 Attorney General Jack Conway ruled that Pendergrass was illegally holding a position on the state retirement board of trustees.  Pendergrass resigned prior to formal removal action by then Attorney General Conway’s office.

Purportedly Pendergrass was fired by Mayor Dixie Hibbs and later hired by Dean Watts and then fired by Dean Watts.  More troubling though is the fact that Pendergrass, who is claiming in her lawsuit against Reed that he fails to support Democrats.  Amazingly though Pendergrass was the largest campaign contributor to Republican Peter Trzop’s campaign against Dean Watts – also his campaign treasurer according to sources.

In an ultimate case of the pot calling the kettle black, Pendergrass obtained a Frankfort attorney named Anne Whites who is one of the vocal leaders against a proposed bill to require voters to have government issued ID in order to vote. Just last year Whites represented the State Democratic Party to fight a purge of voters that was trying to clean the states troubled voting rolls.

Pendergrass in her lawsuit falsely claims that David Reed attended Republican meetings after he became a Democrat.  Reed has denied this as has the local Republican Party through its acting chair Brenda Alexander.  Pendergrass alleges that since Reed is attending Republican meetings he can’t be a bona fide Democrat.  Again though, Pendergrass is misguided, because according to sources Democrat Kory Miller who Reed is running against, has been a frequent attendee at the local Republican Party committee meetings.

Democratic Party Candidate David Reed tells state Rep. Chad McCoy, that rather than raise the gas tax by a dime to pay for the state’s roads, McCoy should take the money out of his pension. At left is his wife Patty Reed.

In fact Miller has stated previously he has attended more Republican meetings in Nelson County than Chad [McCoy] has.  And according to sources he is right.  The local Republican Party press release from Alexander stated “If it were this easy to get rid of a candidate for a party [that some felt weren’t Republican] Mr. McCoy would have been challenged a year ago, but we believe in democracy.

Reed’s campaign press release ended by saying: ” The Democrats in Nelson County want a conservative working man to represent them, I humbly ask for their support in my effort.”

This is shaping up to be a very interesting race indeed.  The primary is May 19th, 2020.

(Disclaimer: The publisher of the KY Record Don Thrasher is also a candidate for State Rep. as a Republican Candidate)