November 2, 2019 (Cox’s Creek, KY) by Don Thrasher,  Nelson County resident Judy Cederholm is known throughout Nelson County as an altruistic, kind and caring volunteer.  Now she has received the prestigious 2019 Rose Award for her Volunteer Work.  Here is how the Rose Award team described her:

Judy has been with the Ambassador Program for almost 15 years and has volunteered over 3,500 hours. This year, she has worked 62 shifts (248 hours) in the Information Booth as well as attended nine additional trainings and meetings. Judy makes a point of attending the meetings, exploration trips and training sessions offered because she wants to be able to do the best she possibly can as an Airport Ambassador. She always encourages other volunteers to make time to attend these activities because it helps them grow as Ambassadors.

Volunteering is second nature to Judy. She has spent most of her life helping other people and enjoys seeing others grow in their volunteer experiences too. Judy is very proud of the Airport Ambassador Program and is invested in seeing its success every year. She frequently comes up with new ideas of places for the group to visit or training to implement that would help everyone become more knowledgeable and better serve our city’s guests throughout the year. Even though Judy has a longer commute than any of the other Ambassadors (from Bardstown to Louisville), she is willing to come and help last minute as needed. Her commitment to the Program is inspiring to other Ambassadors as well as staff.

One winter evening, a frantic traveler arrived on a flight that was already delayed. By the time she arrived to claim her luggage, she realized that she left her cell phone in the ladies’ room on the other side of security. Her cell phone case contained all of her contacts, identification, credit cards and money. She arrived at the Information Booth frazzled, upset and in a near panic. Judy, always being calm and collected, took the time to go through security, find the phone and bring it back to the traveler. She was so grateful and appreciative of what Judy did that she cried tears of joy. This is one example of the numerous times Judy has gone above and beyond to help travelers retrieve forgotten items, and make sure they receive a compassionate, helpful welcome to the city.

Airport staff and her fellow Ambassadors regularly notice Judy’s insightful, adventurous nature. She is an expert when it comes to greeting arriving guests, offering information on things to do, places to eat, soothing frayed nerves and calming weary travelers. From her eclectic aura, expansive knowledge and sheer unmitigated kindness, Judy is truly an asset to the Airport Ambassador Program and the community.