The KY Standard recently had an editorial analyzing why Democrats control local Nelson County offices.  The liberal Standard is quick to chalk it up to Democrats being qualified and Republicans being unqualified.  The only thing the Standard article proves is how unqualified the Standard is in unbiased analysis.  Let’s look at the bigger picture, Brett Guthrie first ran in 2008 and lost in Nelson County, but as is clear from the nationwide statistic 85% of all incumbents retain office.  So after that Guthrie starts carrying Nelson County.  Senator Higdon’s first election in 2009 he also lost in Nelson County.  But after becoming an incumbent began to win in Nelson County just like Guthrie.  So the citizens of Nelson County overwhelmingly thought Guthrie and Higdon were not qualified (under the KY Standard analysis) but discovered how qualified they were once in office.  Next up is David Floyd, good ol’ David lost elections till 2004 a Presidential Election where Bush carried this county by over 60%, so the citizens of Nelson County thought ol’ Dave was unqualified till Bush’s coat tails come dragging through Nelson County and wham bam, David Floyd the incumbent is the most qualified human being to ever run for that office.  Next in the batters box to take advantage of even bigger coat tails is Chad McCoy, ol’ Chad won the election in which 13,431 people came out to vote for Trump (yes I said the name you cringe to) and Hillary got a measly 6,434 in Nelson County.  Chad’s numbers were very similar to (close your eyes Forrest the T name is about to pop up) Trump, 13,048 to Deweese’s 7,457 But please note both Higdon and our old friend Uncle Dave Floyd endorsed him, so he had some serious advantage.  Now that Chad is an incumbent, like the others he wins without coat tails or other counties to catapult him to an office that includes Nelson County.  Now that the objective issues are covered let us look at the subjective issues.  First the KY Standard has liberal bias and leanings, the problem with that is they pretend to be neutral.  But this is a farce, they consistently paint any local Republican candidate in a negative light and emphasize how Trump and conservatives are incompetent and inept.  This bias surely does not help local Republican candidates and is another very important variable in to why Democrats even the incompetent ones are elected.