June 11, 2021 (Bardstown, KY) by Don Thrasher

Trey Bradley promised to be neutral and to try and unify the local Nelson County Republican Party.  But suddenly on election day last Saturday Bradley’s “Slate” of his proposed members excluded all of the 40 former committee members except for Nick Cipparone.  Cipparone being a former long term Mitch McConnell supporter and contributor.  Some have accused Bradley of being deceptive with his surprise last minute slate that excluded the members that voted for censure of Mitch McConnell.

One member stating “How can Bradley say he is trying to unify the party if he is trying to exclude the pro-Trump faction”.  In steps Navy Veteran Frank Thompson a long time Republican party member who was also purposely left out by Bradley from his “slate”.  Thompson is a strong pro Trump conservative that fiercely was opposed to Mitch McConnell’s actions against Pres. Trump.  Whereas Trey Bradley has revealed that he was opposed to censuring McConnell.

Many prominent conservatives were excluded from Bradley’s surprise unannounced slate.  Which has a lot of conservative and liberty minded people upset at Bradley.

The Nelson County Republican Party Leadership Election will be held Monday at 7pm and portions of the candidate discussion will be video recorded to be broadcast on the Nelson County America First Facebook Page.