April 30, 2020

The days of going to the Nelson County Court Clerk to get a Drivers License or ID will soon be extinct.  HB 453 a bill backed by Chad McCoy was recently signed into law. This is not directly related to the REAL ID issue although that seemed to open the door to take it out of local elected officials hands and put it in the hands of State bureaucrats.

When this law takes effect whether you want a REAL ID or a regular ID or Drivers License you will have to go to a State run facility.  The KY Record reached out to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and asked if they had an idea of the locations of these regional Drivers License centers.  The Transportation Cabinet has not finalized any plans but said there would be at least 7 locations throughout the state.

This law expands the Kentucky Transportation Cabinets bureaucracy, no one knows how this will affect the average citizen.  If someone had a problem with their Drivers License, it was simple to contact our circuit clerk (an elected official).  With 800 numbers and centralized regional centers one has to wonder if the cost to the average person in time and problems will be worth the cost.

Other states that have switched to this method have seen long lines and upset citizens.  Time will tell if this will be the case in Kentucky.

The KY Record alerted Nelson Countians to this potential change and gave information on how to contact Chad McCoy.  We will continue to keep you updated on this important issue.