October 11, 2020 (Frankfort, KY)

Far-Left Democrat Joe Graviss is in a battle with Anderson County resident Adrienne Southworth in a bid for KY Senate District 7.  The ultra liberal Graviss has openly admitted he supports BLM protests and even agrees with defunding the police movement.  Graviss also is Pro-Abortion and wants Kentuckians to be required to go through a licensing process just to own a gun.

But last week the mud slinging was started on behalf of Graviss by the Democratic Party of Kentucky, who launched campaign mailers that attack Southworth on criminal justice legislation.  Amazingly the very bill Graviss said Southworth lobbied in favor was indeed voted for by him.  Southworth was trying to get a legal loophole closed in the Parole System.

Voting Record Showing Graviss Voted For Parole Bill

Graviss portrays himself as a moderate, however, his extreme leftist views look more geared towards ANTIFA policies.  Such as him not wanting state and local law enforcement to help with immigration laws.  Graviss is in favor of the radical protest movements and is Pro-Abortion.

The mud-slinging by Graviss and his supporters on the issue of KY Criminal Justice issues is unfair and uncalled for given his own votes and own political positions.  The KY Record is keeping an eye on this important race, especially now that the far-left radicals have come out of the closet in support of Graviss.