February 5th, 2020 (Bardstown KY) by Don Thrasher

Annette Beavers Home

This morning in Nelson County Circuit Court, City Attorney Audrey Haydon attempted to have Judge Seay ban Annette Beavers from entering City Hall.  In the ongoing legal matter in which the city of Bardstown is trying to take Annette Beavers home – for allegedly failing to abide by the Bardstown Historic Review Boards requirements.

Beavers has been filing a series of Open Records requests with the city.  Beavers is contending that Bardstown did not properly annex the area where her home is located.  Beavers home is not part of the Nationally Recognized Historical area that most of the Bardstown Historic District is part of. Her property was the most recent area annexed to the HRB by the city.  But the city has been unable to provide proof that there was an ad placed in the paper giving the residents proper notice of the annexation.

Apparently Haydon has demanded all records requests go through her office first before being released to citizens.  This morning Haydon stepped up her attack on the single mother trying to save her home.  Haydon requested that Judge Seay order Beavers not to be allowed in city hall.  Because apparently the city feels she is too demanding among other reasons.

Judge Seay rejected Haydon’s oral request telling the attorney for the city she needs to make a proper motion before it can be ruled on.  Beavers made another plea to the Judge to end this nightmare that she has been going through for over 3 years now.

The court set a new hearing date of March 10, 2020 at 1:30pm.  The city of Bardstown is trying to keep any further evidence or discussion of the question of the annexation out of court.

This new move by the city to ban a critic is certainly a slippery slope. Trying to keep a citizen from obtaining records or access to city hall would be a new low even for a city that is trying to take a single mothers home, that may or may not even have been properly annexed.

The KY Record reached out to Mayor Heaton and all Bardstown City Council members for comments.  As of the time this was published no response was received.