May 1, 2020 (Bardstown, KY) KY Record Staff

If there was a villain of the Second Amendment Resolution push at the beginning of the year, many would point to Judge Harry Berry.  The Hardin County Judge Executive killed the 2A Resolution movement in Hardin County and his Op-Ed article gave Democrats cover and talking points that hurt the movement.

Nelson County Judge Executive Dean Watts read Berry’s Op-Ed during a Nelson County Fiscal Court meeting.  Watts a Democrat, stated that if a “Conservative Republican” like Berry was against 2A Resolutions, he agreed.

Berry now wants to represent Kentucky at the Republican National Convention.  But a group of 2A advocates are trying to stop the Republican 2nd Congressional District Convention Delegates from electing him.

Berry was pushed through the Nominations Committee by Laura Larue, a Hardin County resident.  This has re-ignited a lot of the anger of the 2A Resolution people that Berry hurt.  Berry stifled dissent and essentially shut the movement down in Hardin County.

The Republican 2nd Congressional District Convention is May 2nd and May 3rd.