October 14, 2020 (Cox’s Creek, KY) – by Don Thrasher

Contrary to the rosy press statement by Mayor Dick Heaton, anyone that actually watched yesterday’s online City of Bardstown Council meeting knows it contained a scathing rebuke of the city’s financial procedures.  It also revealed the timeline and amounts of the theft by former City CFO Tracy Hudson.  We learned that Hudson purchased a Iphone Xmax for $1449 on the city credit card and also credited her family’s cable account for $1600.

The timeline of the theft and amounts are as follows:
2015   $97,054.04
2016  $72,856.57
2017  $93,692.47
2018  $74,117.03
2019  $344,725.43
2020 $48,277.54
TOTAL THEFT: $ 762,394.39

Laura Gray the auditor outlined the poor procedures the city has in place for its accounting.  Stating in the report: The City Has Poor Internal Controls Over Occupational Tax Receipts, There Were Poor Internal Controls Over The Credit Use, The City Has Poor Internal Controls Over Retirement Payments, The City Has Poor Internal Controls And Lack Of Segregation Of Duties Over Bank Reconciliations And Cash Reporting.

With approval from the council the Former Chief Financial Officer Opened Nine New Checking Accounts, however it was done without the required two signatures.  Additionally the Auditor revealed The City Has Poor Internal Controls Over The Budget Process, The City Has Poor Internal Controls Over Tax Abatement Documentation and The Self-Insurance Fund Is Showing A Deficit As Of June 30, 2019.

Meanwhile former CFO Tracy Hudson and her LMPD Detective husband Jason Hudson have opened up the Chaplin Mini Mart.  After paying over $134,000 back and returning her $1449 Iphone Xmax, she still has not been charged with any crime.  Although her family’s Cable TV account had the illegal $1600 credit reversed, so the taxpayers can rest easy about that.