May 3rd, 2019- by DON THRASHER   As the Chair of the Nelson County Republican Party I remained publicly neutral in the Attorney General race even though I already knew I would be voting for Daniel Cameron.  My problem with Wil Shroder originally is the fact that he thumbed his nose at rural Kentuckians when as chair of the Senate and Local Committee he voted in favor of discriminating against rural Kentuckians on HB 49.  It would have allowed citizens a chance to have electronic signatures for property tax recall petitions in Kentucky.  But Schroder as chair of the committee pushed it through with the amendment to exclude all rural counties.  I expressed to Wil that this was unfair, it fell on deaf ears.  That actually happened the week he was due to come here for our Lincoln Dinner.  I treated Wil fairly and neutrally and did not bring that issue up when I introduced him.  But since the Lincoln Dinner Wil has placed several misleading Facebook posts disparaging Daniel Cameron.  Wil usually only gives vague references to some purported impropriety on the part of Cameron.

Today I see a post from Wil that said Cameron is a liar without giving any specifics on what Cameron lied about.  Just a vague reference to Cameron’s Facebook post today.  When I look at Cameron’s Facebook page as usual he only states facts, unlike Schroder who seemingly posts vague references with only some fact.  Cameron quoted a 2007 Cincinnati Enquirer (KY Edition) article that stated: “During the 90-minute breakfast, the party honored five young Democrats for their work on the 2004 elections: Wil Schroder, son of Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Wil Schroder”.  As usual Cameron as any good attorney would do provides the supporting evidence for his assertion. In this case the actual article from the Cincinnati Enquirer (here is the link  Democrat-delights-in-chance-to-crow).  Schroder paints Cameron as some deceptive person that is “desperate”.  Hopefully the people that read Schroder’s post fact check him because the only person in my opinion that is being deceptive and desperate is Schroder.

Look if Schroder was a Democrat in 2007 and was honored for his work as an activist and has now changed parties and wants to be a conservative Republican I have no problem with that.  Me personally I have been a Republican since I was 18, but Schroder should just be honest about the fact.  If the Cincinnati Enquirer article is false, Schroder should state something like “Cameron is basing his statement on a false article”.  But Schroder didn’t say that, in fact the only thing Schroder said was inaccurate about the article is that he worked in his Father’s campaign in 2006 not 2004.

The pattern of Schroder propounding Facebook posts of how deceptive Cameron is, or how “political operatives” are acting inappropriately on behalf of Cameron without substantiation is unbecoming a person that is seeking the office of KY Attorney General.  In my mind Schroder already disqualified himself when he discriminated against rural Kentuckians when he pushed HB 49 through his committee.  How can you expect to run for AG and turn around and push a bill through a committee you chair that is discriminatory and in my opinion a violation of the Equal Protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.

My advice to Wil is this, run on issues and if something is falsely stated by your opponent provide a detailed account of the truth, don’t cast vague aspersions as your defense.  Wil likes to assume that everyone helping Cameron is a Mitch McConnell operative or something.  With me he knows that is simply not the case.  This is the only Republican primary race I have not been neutral on, because Wil Schroder’s behavior is unbecoming of the office of Attorney General of Kentucky.