BARDSTOWN, KY (January 7, 2020) by Don Thrasher, Political Editor

The Nelson County Fiscal Court was involved in a heated and contentious fight over the Second Amendment today.  Members of the Nelson County Branch of Kentucky United came to propose Nelson County be declared a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.  The debate has been going on in Kentucky after the Virginia Legislature passed a law to confiscate “Assault Rifles” and some “high capacity” magazines.

Since December a rapid movement has grown that calls on Kentucky Counties to pass Resolutions that declare the county a Sanctuary for Second Amendment Rights.  This based on 80% of Virginia counties passing the same Resolution, declaring their local resources would not be used for local gun confiscation.

Matt Lacy of Bardstown led the group today and showed up with about 25 members.  Also there were women from the local Democratic Women’s Organization including its President Martha Nest.  Nest openly opposed the Resolution saying this would cause the Fiscal Court to take a stand on a “Political Agenda Issue”.

Nest was primarily backed up by Eric Shelburne the Magistrate from District 5.  Shelburne made the same argument today that he made back in August when he openly opposed the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then he stated he “didn’t have to recite the pledge all the time” to prove his patriotism.  Today Shelburne stated he didn’t see a need to declare or affirm he supports the Second Amendment.

Lacy asked each individual magistrate where they stood on the proposed Resolution.  The support was clearly drawn on party lines, with the lone Republican, Jeff Lear, expressing support for it.  The remaining 5 members, all Democrats were opposed to it.  In the case of Gary Coulter he was opposed at the time but wanted more information and clarification.

Several times Dean Watts had to call for order, and used his seldom seen gavel to bring order.  Just yesterday our neighbor Spencer County approved their Resolution.  Spencer County Fiscal Court is a Republican controlled court.  The local split along party lines mirrors the Federal push by Democratic Party leaders for gun control and also state Democratic Party leaders in several states including Virginia that are pushing for Gun Control.

Watts asked for time to create and modify his own version of a resolution to be brought up at the next Fiscal Court meeting.