October 15, 2020 (Cox’s Creek) by Don Thrasher

After an in-depth investigation the KY Record has learned that purported thief Tracy Hudson paid off nearly a half a million dollars of multiple mortgages and credit lines betwen 2018-2020.  The main property is the 7,000 Square Foot house in Bloomfield located at 2109 Lawrenceburg Rd.  Hudson and her husband Jason a LMPD Detective built the house in 2015.  The Nelson County PVA has assessed the property value at $437,400.

Tracy Hudson’s Home Built in 2015

Hudson also paid off the mortgage on their company that owns the Chaplin Mini-Mart.  Sunshine and Bugs LLC is owned by the Hudsons and the mortgage for $84,000 was paid off in mid 2018.  Shortly after paying that off they paid off a $35,000 line of credit records show.

But more amazingly and without ANY notice to the media or during the Bardstown City Council Meeting yesterday, the City Attorney Audrey Haydon filed a civil action in Nelson County Circuit Court against Tracy Hudson.  The action created a Lis Pendis that serves notice to any potential property buyers that there is a legal case involving the property.

But the City’s civil lawsuit was filed just 3 weeks ago, even more troubling it appears from the Realtor MLS system that the Hudsons attempted to sell the property (or part of the property) at 2019 Lawrenceburg Rd. for $118,000 on May 8th.

Realtor MLS Listing For Hudson Property
Civil Action Filed By City against Hudson

Alarmingly the City of Bardstown failed to disclose this civil case against Hudson to the media.  The KY Record has reached out to the KY State Police Post in Elizabethtown, they had no knowledge of the matter, they did refer me to a Special Investigations section in Bowling Green.  The Special Investigations section has not returned multiple calls asking to confirm if an investigation is ongoing or concluded. (Update: a source indicates that indeed the “DESI/WEST Division” still has an ongoing investigation of the matter)

The KY Record will keep you up to the minute on this case as several Open Records Requests have been submitted to the Mayor’s Office relating to this matter.