January 21, 2020 (Bardstown, KY) by Don Thrasher

Supporter of Nelson County United 2A Resolution puts on a sock puppet show. Says one puppet represents Dean Watts as a British Red Coat.

Drama erupted today at the Fiscal Court meeting with one man conducting a sock puppet show with Red Socks being the “British Red Coats representing Dean Watts” the other puppet sock was the Magistrates doing what Watts demanded.

This was brought on after Nelson County Judge Executive Dean Watts refused to read a Resolution he asked the Court to pass, which they did without public input or discussion.  The weakened version of the Resolution passed today is substantially insignificant compared to the one proposed by Matt Lacy and Nelson County United.

Watts also would not allow any public comment and forced a vote to adjourn the meeting.  After the forced vote to adjourn the meeting, citizens attempted to address Watts who quickly scurried off and left. With people in the audience yelling to him “Coward” and “Shame on you Dean”. Following behind Watts was Shelbourne and Bernard Ice.  Keith Metcalfe, Jeff Lear, Gary Coulter and County Attorney Matthew Hite stayed and had a discussion with the citizens for over 45 minutes.

Watts sent an email to Lacy which some consider to be proof that Watts violated the Open Meetings Act because he clearly states in the email he couldn’t get the court to agree to Lacy’s version.  If the Open Meetings Act was indeed violated the vote today could be considered illegal.

One citizen stating today “If Watts thinks this is over he has another thing coming”.

Video can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/TheKentuckyRecord/videos/2911932662184325/

(Disclaimer: Don Thrasher the publisher of the KY Record is running for State Representative.  This article contains political opinion)