Chad McCoy’s Political Agenda

    Now that the 2018 election is behind us we can take a look at our State Representative’s main focus in his 2 years in office.  What bills did McCoy sponsor or co-sponsor and do they represent the values and priorities of Nelson County?  Here are the bills sponsored or co-sponsored by Chad McCoy:

    HB 155 Abolish Death Penalty
    HB 400 Allow Alcohol to be sent through the mail
    HB 229 Permit casino gambling
    HB 207 Allow Lawyers to have cell phones in prisons
    HB 49 Expand personal jurisdiction (who can be sued in Kentucky)
    HB 248 Attempted to regulate Fantasy Football games.
    HB 136 Requires microbreweries to report and pay taxes on wholesale sales made directly to consumers
    HB 609 Increase Gasoline Tax from .05 cents to .08 cents
    If these bills McCoy introduced or co-introduced do not represent your views or priorities feel free to let Mr. McCoy know. Here is a link to the full list:  Chad McCoy Bill Sponsorhip List