January 9th, 2021 (Cox’s Creek, KY) by Don Thrasher

Nelson County State Rep. Chad McCoy, who self-identifies as a “conservative”, sponsored HB1 which states in relevant part: Section 1.1)(a)Any business, for-profit or not-for-profit organization, local government, association, or any school or school district, public, private, or religiously affiliated, may remain open and operational so long as it obtains and follows an operating plan that 1. Meets or exceeds all applicable guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mr. McCoy proudly claiming to be an attorney should know that the language of the bill he sponsored opens up the aforementioned businesses, public and private schools (even religiously affiliated ones) and non-profits to MANDATORY VACCINATIONS.  Why? Because if the CDC under Biden changes the “applicable guidance” to MANDATORY VACCINATIONS, the new law would require just that.

While the KY House passed the McCoy sponsored bill it is now in the Senate. Thankfully Sen. Jimmy Higdon and Sen. Adrienne Southworth have actual common sense and have proposed amending HB1.  Higdon proposes to Amend to specify application to in-person operations and sevices and to indicate the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention applicable as of January 1, 2021 apply to (1).

And Southworth’s amendment seeks to make technical changes; remove requirement that plans meet or exceed guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and to provide that entities may remain open and fully operational for in-person services so long as it adopts an operating plan.

Mr. McCoy is supposed to be an expert in the law so I am sure he understood the ramifications of the language of his own bill.  Which leaves me to wonder if he actually contemplated a Biden Administration CDC could make Mandatory Vaccinations part of the CDC Guidelines.

Please thank Sen. Higdon and Sen. Southworth for trying to correct Mr. McCoy’s grave error! If you wish to call or text Chad to let him know your thoughts his cell phone number is 502-507-1856. If you do contact Chad please read the bill first so you are not mislead during the call.  Here is a link to the actual bill:https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/recorddocuments/bill/21RS/hb1/bill.pdf

Chad Is A Staunch Mask Advocate Is He Also Pushing For Vaccines?

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