March 2nd, 2020 (Bardstown, KY) by Don Thrasher

McCoy recently voted to give $100 Million Tax Break To Banks

Imagine every city, county and local governmental unit being able to create their own tax increases at their own will.  Nelson County State Representative Chad McCoy Co-Sponsored House Bill 475 which if passed by voters will give local governments the keys to the taxpayer wallets.  This proposal is so radical that it would take a vote of citizens to approve it to change the KY Constitution.  The problem is wording on recent constitutional amendments can be so confusing or so misleading that the average voter may not understand what they are voting for.

The Kentucky State Budget is $34 Billion, our neighbor Tennessee’s budget is $36 Billion.  Tennessee has 48% more people than Kentucky does but yet we are spending much more per capita.  Kentuckians are in the top 15 states of per capita budget spending, this bill if ultimately passed will create a massive tax increase.

The State of Kentucky, her counties and cities need to live within the means of the taxpayers.  The incredible rise of taxes in recent years has caused pain to working families.  The political elite in Frankfort, including Chad McCoy continue to increase that burden, while continually telling us how great of a job they are doing.

The political elite in Frankfort like Mr. McCoy tell us they are making the “hard decisions” by raising taxes.  Mr. McCoy and other out of touch leaders need to make the real hard decisions, cutting the budget.  When Tennessee has 48% more people than Kentucky and a similar budget amount, we know improvements can be made in the budget.

If you are against HB 475 please call Frankfort and let Chad McCoy know, (800) 372-7181.

(Disclaimer: Don Thrasher is a candidate for KY House Dist. 50)