June 9, 2020

In a Debate for State Representative for District 50 last night at PLG 13 Studios, Chad McCoy attacked SB 9.  SB 9 also known as the Born Alive Act was passed by the KY Senate with numerous Republican sponsors including State Senator Jimmy Higdon.  The House failed to take up the bill to give time for an anticipated veto by Gov. Beshear.

The House Leadership maintained through statements by Speaker Pro Tem David Meade that they didn’t anticipate Beshear would veto the bill.  However last night in a the debate House Majority Whip Chad McCoy said the bill was “a solution without a problem” and was a bill “meant to rile people up”.  The abortion bill was vetoed by Gov. Beshear in the final days before the legislative session ended.  Some critics are upset that the House Leadership didn’t take the bill up earlier.

The KY Record reached out to Sen. Jimmy Higdon for comment but was unable to reach him.  A link to the video is here: Link To Debate Section McCoy Discussing SB 9

I am the challenger to Mr. McCoy and this kind of thing is precisely why I am running.  by Don Thrasher