June 3rd, 2020 (Bardstown, KY) by Don Thrasher

Today Nelson Countians received a post card in the mail that has been touted as the information they need to know how to vote for the June 23rd Primary.  However, many locals are upset and accusing officials of voter suppression.

The postcard fails to mention the fact in the “HOW TO VOTE” anything at all about the In-Person voting to be done from June 8th-22nd, nor did it mention the fact that In-Person voting will be at the Nelson County Fairgrounds on June 23rd.

PLEASE NOTE: NO APPOINTMENT is necessary to vote from June 8th-22nd.  The Kentucky Constitution does not allow an appointment to be required in order to vote.

In the meeting of the State Board of Elections several members implied that rural voters are ignorant and uninformed.

This postcard was paid for by your tax dollars and it left out valuable information in an attempt to hide the fact that In-Person voting is allowed in Nelson County.  Please vote the way you choose to vote.  If you are uncomfortable with mailing in a ballot or dropping a ballot off, go to the Nelson County Clerks office during business hours June 8th – June 22nd (NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY).  Or please vote in person at the Nelson County Fairgrounds on June 23rd. (NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY).

The elderly rural voters are not ignorant and not “uniformed”, it seems some of our elected officials not listening to the people may fit that category though.  YOUR VOTE MATTERS MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, IF YOU ARE TIRED OF THE PEOPLE IN FRANKFORT NOT CARING ABOUT WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT THIS IS YOUR TIME TO TELL THEM!