November 21, 2019 (Cox’s Creek, KY)  This morning Don Thrasher filed a formal request with the Attorney General and the General Counsel for the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance to look into Anonymous mailers sent out to Republicans of Nelson County.

Thrasher also filed a formal complaint with the Kentucky State Bar against Jason Floyd.  He alleges Floyd used witness intimidation after a complaint was filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance against the Nelson County Organization of Republican Women.

Thrasher stated he told Floyd he would go look at his past cases for the last 10 years to look for other instances of intimidation, legal bullying and misconduct. Allegedly Floyd then threatened Thrasher and the Trust Thrasher’s Father entrusted him with.

In an email exhibit provided to the Attorney General and the State Bar by Thrasher, Floyd told Thrasher he didn’t have a Church or Faith.  Don Thrasher is a Christian and does attend church.  Thrasher alleged in the email back to Floyd that there were outright misrepresentations and half-truths coming from Floyd.

Anonymous Mailers Targeting Republicans In Nelson County

It has been reported 2 anonymous mailers began appearing in Nelson County mailboxes.  Alleging Thrasher is involved with Organized Crime, ties to Drug Dealers and listing a multitude of court cases.

Given the timing and tone of the anonymous mailers, Thrasher believes there could be a potential campaign violation with the primary for State Representative in 6 months.  In fact the law says political mailers have to have the identity of the sender.  Thrasher has asked the KY Attorney General and the General Counsel for the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance to also investigate this matter.

A copy of the KY Bar Complaint and the request for the Attorney General to investigate can be seen at the links below:

Bar Complaint Jason Floyd Attorney General   

KREF General Counsel Request for Investigation

*Note: There has been no direct evidence of anyone being involved in the Anonymous mailing reported.  If you have information in this matter please call 502-510-4953