Chart outlining Solid Waste Management Transfers

June 19, 2020 (Bardstown, KY)

The Nelson County Fiscal recently changed the rules on having citizens address the Fiscal Court during meetings.  Then in its first in-person Fiscal Court meeting on Tuesday of this week they voted to raise the Nelson County Garbage Fees.

Last year I pointed out to the Fiscal Court that there has been over $2 Million dollars of Solid Waste and Landfill funds transferred out of those bank accounts.  So instead of the $1.00 fee increase the magistrates and Dean Watts have now voted for a .50 cent per month increase.

I have now filed an action in the Nelson County Circuit Court asking the Court to stop any increase of the garbage fees paid by the citizens of Nelson County.  For 20 years funds have been being illegally transferred out and the County now expects the citizens to pay an increase during a time when most working families can least afford any increases.

The Petition For Writ of Mandamus was formally filed this morning, asking that a Judge force the County to abide by Kentucky Law and seeking an injunction to keep the County from implementing the increase on the citizens.

It is unfortunate that the Fiscal Court eliminates the ability for citizens to address the Fiscal Court on issues, but alarmingly the first in-person meeting the Fiscal Court has they take the opportunity to illegally raise a fee on the citizens of Nelson County.

My campaign for State Representative had to be put on hold for the last 3 days while I drafted and filed the legal action.  If Mr. Watts thought he could pass this increase without opposition because I am involved in an election, he now knows he will not get away with such a move.

Every fee and tax increase is always painted as a “small increase”.  However, with all of the “small increases” the citizens of Nelson County have slowly become one of the highest taxed counties in Kentucky.   It is time government in Nelson County stops making it harder to be a Nelson Countian.