October 29, 2019 (Cox’s Creek, KY)  Conservative Nelson County Republicans have recruited a challenger to Chad McCoy for State Rep. Dist. 50.  After some conservatives in Nelson County felt betrayed over the last 3 years  their efforts have created an unusual Republican primary for state rep in the county.  Here is the following press release from the campaign:

The Conservative Republicans of Nelson County will be having a chance to elect a true conservative in the May Primary. Philip Bischoff Jr. one of the few to have ever won a Republican Primary in Nelson County announces that he will be filing to challenge Chad McCoy for the nomination of the Republican Party for State Representative Dist. 50.

District 50 encompasses only Nelson County and it is time that the average person here has a voice in Frankfort. Philip is a farmer that will only take contributions from individuals and only from Nelson County. No PAC money or outside money will be accepted. For too long outside political interests have had too much influence in legislative policy, Philip is looking to reverse that by setting the example that outside money is not welcome.

Philip has seen the continued broken promises of Chad McCoy and can no longer sit on the
sideline. Having worked to pay his own tuition to attend Trinity High School he knows the value of hard work. Philip’s two sons, Reed and Brody attend public school so when Chad McCoy voted against putting the national motto IN GOD WE TRUST in KY public schools this year he was deeply saddened.

Philip wants to be a voice to reverse the trend of consumption taxes that hurt the average hard working family. He will be a voice to eliminate tax breaks for corporations which place additional burdens on the average citizen. Philip is a staunch defender of the rights of the unborn and will actively seek all legal options to curtail pre-birth killing of babies. Philip will be a defender of the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms. The pernicious collateral attacks on gun rights needs to be stopped and Philip Bischoff will be that voice.

Philip’s political philosophy is simple, Liberty and Freedom means less government and less taxes. The more laws, the more government and the more taxes always means less Liberty and less Freedom. Phillip will take a common sense approach to legislation and will hold quarterly town hall meetings. Indeed the campaign slogan is “Just A Farmer Looking To Make Things Right”.

With a team that includes a District Campaign Chair for each Magisterial District led by Adrian and Debra Guererro the Campaign co-chairs, the campaign is ready to hit the ground running.Nelson County will have a true Conservative voice in Philip Bischoff.