(November 29, 2019) BARDSTOWN, KY – Don Thrasher, Political Editor

David and Jason Floyd are 2 political figures in Nelson County that have engaged in some of the worst corruption and cover-ups in recent years in Kentucky politics. David Floyd is the former State Representative for District 50 (Nelson County).  His nephew Jason Floyd recently was an unsuccessful candidate for office when he ran for Bardstown School Board in November 2018 (*Note, Jason Floyd had one of the worst percentage electoral defeats in Nelson County Election History).  Jason Floyd also has started a pre-campaign to become Circuit Court Judge in Nelson County in addition to taking on cases he knows will garner press coverage (e.g. Former Mayor John Royalty cases).

2 State Employee Whistle Blowers Fired (Former Floyd Campaign Volunteer Victim)

Marissa Espinosa began working as a volunteer in the David Floyd campaign when she was 17 years old.  In 2015 David reportedly helped her get a job in Frankfort at the capital working in Republican House Public Relations.  Floyd, who at the time was the House Majority Whip (like his hand-picked replacement Chad McCoy) allegedly introduced Espinosa to then Speaker of the House Hoover.  Hoover began sexually harassing Espinosa shortly there after.  According to court records one of her supervisors allegedly told her the job was to “keep Hoover happy”.

After rumors began to swirl at the capital of the sexual harassment of his former campaign volunteer by Hoover, Floyd hastily resigned purportedly because of his daughters health issues.

Espinosa eventually reported the sexual harassment to her direct supervisor Daisy Olivo, the Head of the Republican House Communications Office.  Brad Metcalf at the time was the Republican Chief Clerk of the House. Metcalf is also from Nelson County and he also was informed about Hoover’s inappropriate “sexting” and other sexual harassment.

After the FBI and the Legislative Ethics Commission became involved, Metcalf and Olivo voluntarily gave information on the matter.  Shortly after that Hoover resigns as Speaker of the House but remained a member of the House.  David Osborne the Acting Speaker of the House hired David Floyd to be on his staff (less than 2 years from “retiring” from a part-time legislator, Floyd takes a full time job as House Chief of Staff). When Osborne became Acting Speaker the first week of the new year in 2018, the first Whistle Blower, Brad Metcalf was fired after over 15 years of service to the House.  Purportedly it was because of a 15 year old check forgery case in Nelson County.

Shortly after Metcalf’s firing the Kentucky Standard Newspaper reported Metcalf said the real reason he was fired, was because of testimony he gave an investigator for the Legislative Ethics Commission. “They needed a reason to try and get me out of my role as clerk,” he said and “remove me from their inner circle.”

There was one other Whistle Blower in this case, Daisy Olivo, the respected House Republican Communications Director.  She was fired 10 months after Brad Metcalf was fired.  This time no reason was given and purportedly David Floyd had her escorted off the capital grounds by State Police.

With the recent talk about how Whistle Blowers should be protected from retaliation, David Floyd and David Osborne don’t subscribe to that theory.  2 firings of Whistle Blowers by Floyd and Osborne sends a horrific message to state employees.  It is saying keep quiet when the Political Elite engage in unlawful behavior or pay the price.

Shortly after David Floyd took his $125,000 a year job as House Chief of Staff he began a series of campaign contributions to his boss, Speaker Osborne.  However, neither of them list Floyd as a state employee, instead it has him listed as “Retired”.  Which clearly in 2016 he retired right before the shoe dropped in the Espinosa case, but he is no longer retired now, nor at the time of the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance filing for his contribution.

Jason Floyd a former candidate for public office and according to sources probable candidate for Nelson County Circuit Court Judge has also been embroiled in some questionable political activity.

In the 2018 Local Elections in Nelson County, Floyd reportedly attempted to coerce third parties into sabotaging Todd Harper’s campaign for Sheriff and also that of current Sheriff Ramon Pineiroa.  The Floyd’s candidate of choice was not a Republican but was Kaelin Matthews a failed Democrat in the Sheriff Primary.  David Floyd helped finance Matthews’ campaign, but did not donate to either Republican Sheriff candidate.  Matthews is currently on un-paid suspension from the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office after multiple charges of theft this year.

Jason Floyd has also been accused of witness intimidation in a Bar Complaint (see link below).  Prior to an anonymous mailer that was a mud slinging hit job, Floyd had sent a threatening email saying all aspects of someones life could become available in legal cases that are unrelated to the personal issues.  Which lead some people to believe that Floyd had a hand in the anonymous mailer, particularly given the attempts to sabotage the campaigns of Todd Harper and Ramon Pineiroa.

The Floyds have held an inordinate amount of influence on politics in Nelson County, only time will tell if the people of Nelson County are tired of the dirty politics the Floyd’s and their cronies play.  (References Linked Below)

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