One man received 7 Voter Cards In The Mail This Month

June 7, 2020 (Cox’s Creek, KY) by Don Thrasher

You may have heard recently from Chad McCoy that he is working hard to make sure elections in Kentucky are safe.  But when you look under the hood of the law McCoy helped get pushed through you will see you have been misled.

McCoy was the main driver to get votes to pass the “Photo ID Law” SB 2 in the KY House back in March.  However, the new law allows for Debit Cards to be used as ID to vote.

McCoy seemingly wants to deceive the citizens of Nelson County by touting this as a “Photo ID” law that makes it harder to cheat.  But how easy is it to get a debit card or credit card these days?

Well thanks to technology you can now buy a debit card/credit card maker for around $800. This machine is the new device used by banks to print instant debit cards.  The problem with voter laws that allow debit cards, anyone with the desire to rig an election and this machine has the potential to do so.

But it gets even worse, this year the state of Kentucky began sending out postcards to voters.  Some people are receiving multiple cards for dead people, people that have moved etc.  But what you are not being told is, it is much easier to go through the publicly available electronic voting records.  A computer program can quickly determine voters who have not voted in over 5 years, that list of voters could then be used to make mass numbers of Debit Cards and rig an election.

So when you have McCoy pushing to get a so-called “Voter Photo Id” law passed and it actually makes it easier to vote without a Photo ID ask yourself why?