THE KY RECORD has uncovered questionable issues surrounding the hiring of David Floyd by KY House Speaker David Osborne after Speaker Hoover resigned as a result of the House Sex Scandal.  A few months after being hired to his $115,000 a year job Floyd becomes Osborne’s biggest campaign donor.  What is more disturbing is the fact that instead of listing his employer as the State of Kentucky the campaign finance reports for Floyd’s large donations has him as “RETIRED”.  Perhaps Floyd and Osborne didn’t want the optics of Floyd’s hiring and becoming his biggest campaign donor to appear as a bribe for his job.

Amazingly once in his new job as Chief of Staff of the Republican leadership Floyd becomes instrumental in firing Republican Communications Director Daisy Olivo a whistleblower in the Hoover scandal. In a vicious retaliation to a respected Republican communications employee Floyd purportedly gave the order to have Mrs. Olivo ejected from the capital office building by armed state police.

The optics Floyd’s donation to his boss creates another very compelling case for Kentucky’s need for campaign finance reform.  What would appear to most people as a pay to play scenario is disturbing and a further disgrace to the hard working taxpayers of Kentucky.

Perhaps it is David Floyd and Speaker Osborne that should be removed by the KY State Police from the capital building and not a whistleblower that tried to do the right thing and bring attention to the rampant wrong doing by the Frankfort ruling elite.