September 29, 2019 (Cox’s Creek, KY) by Don Thrasher

David Floyd has made questionable campaign contributions to his boss House Speaker David Osborne.  But the arrest of a local Nelson County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant gives reason to ask about another campaign Floyd has financed.

Kaelen P. Matthews, 39, of Bardstown, is a lieutenant (Currently Suspended Without Pay) in the Nelson County Sheriffs Office.  Matthews was booked into the Hardin County Detention Center on Friday September 27, 2019 on a charge of theft by unlawful taking or disposition after a multi-day investigation.

Matthews was the favorite of the “Establishment”, including Dean Watts the 26 year Democrat Judge Executive who was on the 2008 KY Hillary Campaign Committee.  But what few know is Matthews is the only Sheriff candidate that Republican David Floyd financed in 2018.  Floyd didn’t give to either of the Republican Sheriff Primary Candidates but he didn’t hesitate to give to Matthews.

This comes as no surprise to the local Republican candidates of 2018.  As Floyd refused to endorse ANY of the 7 local office candidates that were running in Nelson County, but in fact endorsed the 2 leading Democrats of the county.  The only other candidate Floyd endorsed was State Rep. Chad McCoy, another of Floyd’s chosen candidates.  McCoy as you will recall campaigned in 2016 against any Gas Tax Hikes only to sponsor a bill 2 years later to Hike the Gas Tax.

The KY Record also has an update on the House of Representatives Sex Scandal.  We discovered the 18 year old at the center of the Hoover sex scandal was in fact originally an aide in Floyd’s re-election campaign.  Reportedly Floyd is the one that helped get the victim on the State payroll. But David Floyd and David Osborne wanted the victim’s direct supervisor Daisy Olivo the House Republican Communications Director silenced, fired and removed out of the capital building.  Which Floyd and Osborne did immediately after taking control in January of this year. Why did they want Olivo silenced?

David Floyd has claimed he is the King maker of Nelson County, that he alone can determine who wins or loses in Nelson County because of his “deal making” abilities.

David Floyd’s nephew Jason Floyd reportedly is planning to run for Circuit Judge in Nelson County.  Isn’t it time to tell Mr. Floyd and his crony candidates that the people are the ones that have the final say, not a corrupt political elite that cares not about Republican ideals and values but about self interest and personal power.