(December 15th, 2019) by Don Thrasher

On September 18th Mayor Dick Heaton was purportedly advised that there were potential irregularities with the city of Bardstown finances.  Then on September 24th Heaton issued a press release that “all funds were accounted for”.  On October 1st, 2019 Dick Heaton sent a termination letter to Tracy Hudson the Chief Financial Officer for the city.  Heaton cited “irregularities” in the finances and there was an “investigation”.

The problem is NO law enforcement has been conducting an investigation of over $134,000 in missing city money. (*Note our sources put the loss over $200,000) The Kentucky Record reached out to Mayor Heaton and he stated that none of this information was turned over to law enforcement.

So Mayor Heaton conducts an internal investigation then fires the CFO for missing money, then publicly tells the media that “all funds are accounted for” but doesn’t involve law enforcement. If Mayor Heaton had enough cause to fire Hudson then publicly state that “all funds have been accounted for” why would he fail to contact the Kentucky State Police?

If an audit is still ongoing how was Heaton able to say all funds are accounted for?  Why would the money Hudson purportedly paid in restitution come from a law firm and not her account?

But even more troubling is the fact that recently the City of Bardstown left the Hardin County Drug Task Force.  The city has chosen to conduct its own drug control operations.  With all of the resources at the disposal of the Hardin County Drug Task Force, one has to wonder why. In 1983 Mayor Heaton was charged with Felony Drug Trafficking (and allegedly was convicted but expunged) has now kicked out the outside law enforcement that was conducting narcotics control. To even a casual observer this should be very disturbing.

The cover-ups in Nelson County are because the Good Ol’ Boy Club covers up for each other and supports each other.  Political Party makes no difference.  So when David Floyd (a Republican) endorsed Heaton last year, then Heaton contributes large sums to Chad McCoy a few months ago one has to ask themselves why?

Which brings us to David Floyd, shortly before becoming state representative he was the Air Force liason to the Kentucky Civil Air Patrol.  He only was there for a short time, but he worked with the Marijuana Eradication Flight Program.  Floyd quickly resigned after anonymous complaints were sent to Floyd’s supervisor (more on the allegations in an upcoming article).   A few years later Floyd becomes state representative.  Floyd then supported Chad McCoy who was then supported not only by Heaton but a host of other Good Ol’ Boy Club members.  A review of McCoy’s campaign contributors paints a very clear picture.

The Good Ol’ Boy Club of Nelson County tells you who to vote for, supports each other and backs each other up.  They act not in the best interest of the people, but in the best interest of the Club.  Dick Heaton has kept KSP out of the Hudson matter, Heaton worked hard to get the Hardin County Drug Task Force out of the City of Bardstown, Heaton is feverishly working to get Chad McCoy re-elected.  WHY??? Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come!!!  Please follow The KY Record on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/TheKentuckyRecord/