Liberty Champion and Northern Kentucky Attorney Chris Wiest

November 12, 2020 (Bardstown, KY)

Liberty champion and attorney Chris Wiest who has been fighting against Kentucky Government overreach will be the recipient of the 2020 Republican Party of Nelson County’s Ron Paul Liberty Award.  Last November the recipient was Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton.

Wiest has had a lot of success as of late in Federal Court against Governor Andy Beshear’s unconstitutional actions.  However, we just learned today the heavily Liberal KY Supreme Court is upholding some of Beshear’s lockdown orders.

With 5 liberals on the KY Supreme Court it was an uphill battle for Wiest, who was also joined by Attorney General Daniel Carmeron in trying to fight the Governor’s orders.

Don Thrasher, Chairman of the Nelson County Republican Party felt that Wiest best represented the fight for Liberty in Kentucky for 2020.

Picture of 2019’s Ron Paul Liberty Award Presented To Jenean Hampton
Picture from last year’s award to Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton